How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer When You are Down 

Freelancing is not always a sunny happy day.  In every job that we have chosen, there must be time we got bored, regretful, unmotivated, and feeling down.  Even for a freelancer that is supposed to have more freedom than any other job sometimes, we feel down. So how to stay motivated as a freelancer when you are down?

Women Freelancers Who Lead in Entrepreneurship Digitally

Three women are running similar but different businesses, ranging from technology to virtual assistant, but their missions are very similar.

As Women's History Month comes to an end, Flexgiggz is pleased to highlight three female entrepreneurs who own and operate busine...

5 Steps to Make You Better Freelance UX Designer  

Either a website, a mobile app, or something else, the user interface is at the heart of product design. Although it should go without saying that user experience is critical to product design, many UX designers still have misconceptions about it and create beautifully not so user-friendly app. So, how 

More and More Boomers Join Freelance Jobs

If you saw a boomer in a co-working space who doing his business with a laptop, just like other Millenials it will be more common in the coming days because more boomers join freelance jobs .  Boomers account for 35% of the gig economy, according to Dow Jones. Boomers may become bored after retirement and seek part-time,...

How to Become a Freelance Video Game Designer 

Some video game designer earned the bachelor degree, about 60% of them according to O*NET OnLine.  While others had taken some courses about game design and developm...

5 Success Entrepreneurs Who Starting as Freelancer

Despite having similarities freelancer and entrepreneur are different. Freelancers just care about doing work and being paid for it, whether by the hour or by the project. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are more concerned with developing profitable long-term companies. They can make money while sleeping. In exchange, t...

Reasons Why a Freelance Programmer Need a Marketing Plan

If you are a professional computer programmer looking to advance your profession, you must look into your current field. Despite your experience and technical skills, you must learn how to introduce them and persuade prospective customers that you are the best person for their ventures.

New Entry Level Remote Jobs with Good Income 

 For fresh graduates looking for jobs during a pandemic is not easy because you cannot easily go outside while the companies also applying for work from home.  Meanwhile, many start-up businesses are closed their ...

7 Best Software Testing Trends For Freelancers in 2021

The software testing industry underwent major change in the year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled companies to go digital. The buzzword ‚Äúdigital transformation‚ÄĚ accelerated digital transformation in 2020, causing people to migrate it to either an app or software to com...

6 Python Packages For Freelance Web Developers

In recent years Python as a programming language has been widely discussed and used by both senior and novice developers. Python is known for its simplicity, quickness, and adaptability. Companies like Google, Spotify, Pinterest, and Instagram use Python to power their software, which is used by millions of people all ove...

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